Massage Limp Assault Lexy

A clip starring Lexy

Lexy in Massage Limp Assault Lexy

In this clip: assault, oral, ragdolling, groping, fucking, injection, massage

Lexy goes to a professional therapist complaining about shoulder pain. The guy asks her to lie down on the massage bed and starts massaging her; but, very soon he starts to act dodgy, trying to grope her bum, and even touch her genitals. Lexy complains and stops him several times, but he keeps being dodgy.
In the end she stands up and want to go, but at that point he apologizes and offers her a different treatment: an injection in the sore area, which will relax the tensions and bring some pain relief. She accepts as this doesn't involve any further touching from him, so she lies back on the bed and gets the injection. Pretty soon she starts to feel strange, and pretty soon she's out limp, available for him to do what he wants.
He starts to grope her and put his hands wherever he wants, enjoying the lack of response and complaints from her now. He takes his dick out and puts it in her hand, once again making fun of the lack of complaints. The he jumps on the bed over her and starts fucking the body soundly, from behind. This goes on for some time, then he jumps out and also fucks her mouth for a bit, before going back to her pussy and cumming inside her.
The fussy customer got what she deserved...