Kitty Massage Assault and Creamy Foot Mess

A clip starring Kitty

Kitty in Kitty Massage Assault and Creamy Foot Mess

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, foot worship, massage

Kitty meets a professional to get a massage on the shoulders and back; she strips and lies on the massage table, and the guy starts his job. However, pretty soon he starts to be dodgy, bringing her hand closer and over her bum, trying to grope it. Kitty protests, but he does it again multiple times trying to justify himself.
At some point, Kitty tries to get up and stop it, but the creep gets a rag and chloroforms her on the bed. She kicks and tries to scream, but pretty soon her eyes roll and she's out limp on the bed... The creep gets huge satisfaction in openly groping that ass and slapping it several times, soundly, as no reaction comes from poor Kitty... And then he moves to these perfect big feet, starts groping and worshipping the soles for a long time.
But it's not finished yet: at some point he takes out some spray cream, and sprays it all over her soles, toes and calves... He spreads it by rubbing the limp feet together, and then moves back on his knees and starts licking and sucking her feet, cleaning them up... A really yummy and sweet foot fetish experience!