Briony Dodgy Massage Assault And Ass Grabbing

A clip starring Briony

Briony in Briony Dodgy Massage Assault And Ass Grabbing

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, massage

Briony goes to a professional to have a massage. She has pain mostly on her legs, and that's where the guy starts to massage, after putting oil on them. But, soon he gets a bit dodgy, and starts going a bit lower, groping her feet, and upper, touching and groping her bum as well.
Briony starts to get a bit uncomfortable and complains several times, but he keeps doing that and at some point it's too much for her. He has to stop and apologizes, getting a chloro rag at the same time and assaulting Briony, who starts kicking and struggling on the massage bed but soon she is out chloroformed.
At that point the creep slaps her bum and gropes is vigorously, shaking the limp body which now belongs to him, as he's free to go on oiling up and groping that luscious bum, legs and feet without Briony having a word on it...

(PLEASE NOTE that the Clips4Sale version is censored and contains an injection instead of the chloroform scene)