Anna Darling Massage Assault

A clip starring Anna Darling

Anna Darling in Anna Darling Massage Assault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, cumshot, groping, footjob, foot worship, massage, masturbation

Anna goes to a professional masseur to have some shoulder pain resolved. The guy asks her to strip and lie down on the massage bed, then he tells her that he will start massaging from the lower body up.
He gets some oil, starts with the legs and slowly moves up... But, when he reaches her bum, he seems to insist a bit too much on it, and feels very dodgy. Anna protests saying that there's no pain there, but he keeps trying to grope it and Anna protests again.
He apologizes, stops and says that she will use a different approach: when he's not seen, he takes a chloro rag and forces it on her face. In that position, poor Anna can't do much but kicking for a bit until the chloro does its magic and she lies limp and senseless on the massage bed.

Now the creep can act undisturbed: he slaps and gropes that bum, and this time no reaction comes from the girl. he insists on the bum for some time, then sets her legs more spread and gets his dick out, using her limp hands for a oily massage on his genitals. But soon he moves onto her oily soles, which seem to be waiting for his dick to slide between them... And, in fact, it slides pretty well.
That goes on for a while, until finally he sprays hes load of cum over these luscious limp feet, as poor Anna lies limp on the massage bed without knowing what's going on!