Massage Assault and Footabuse

A clip starring Neve

Neve in Massage Assault and Footabuse

In this clip: chloroform, foot worship, massage

Neve has pain in her leg; she goes to a therapist, who performs a massage on her, oiling her legs up and investigating the problem. But, after some time, he begins moving down to her feet, fondling her soles a bit too much; at that point, Neve protests because she thinks he's not behaving professionally. The therapist apologizes and goes back massaging her calves - But, unexpectedly, he takes something else and puts her to sleep after a fight. Now her body lays limp on the massage table, and he can do whatever he wants with her: he fondles her legs, performs some limb play and ragdolling, and sinks his face down between her soft soles, worshipping them as he wanted to. She can no longer protest, but she would be quite disappointed if she could know how unprofessional he is now... When she wakes up later, she is confused and does not remember anything, but her legs are fine now: she's invited to come back anytime