Angelina Creepy Masseuse

A clip starring Lavinia

Lavinia in Angelina Creepy Masseuse

In this clip: chloroform, groping, hands, humiliation, girl/girl, massage

Lavina complains some pain on her back, as a gentle way to ask her friend Angelina a massage, as she is a trained masseuse. Of course Angelina offers her a massage, and Lavinia welcomes it.
After setting up the massage bed, Lavinia strips and lays down, face up. The aim is to do a full body massage; it's so good and relaxing that after some time Lavinia is so relaxed that she almost sleeps. That's when Angelina pulls a chloro rag out and gently makes her inhale it. Lavinia is so relaxed that doesn't notice, and soon passes out in a deep sleep.
Alone with her friend's body, weird Angelina can now take her freedom to grope her in a less professional way, focusing on her limp hands, also using them to caress her own body. When the body is face down, later, she even uses the limp hands to slap the butt and make fun of her sleepy friend!

When Lavinia wakes up later, she feels awesome. She has no idea of what happened and doesn't suspect anything, so all she can do is feeling grateful to her dear masseuse friend.