Ammalia Crazy Lesbian Masseuse

A clip starring Ammalia, Chloe

Ammalia, Chloe in Ammalia Crazy Lesbian Masseuse

In this clip: injection, foot worship, girl/girl, massage

LANGUAGE: Italiano!

Chloe visits sexy masseuse Ammalia, looking for some relief in her legs. Ammalia starts massaging them and also goes down to her feet. At some point she would like to fo more and suggests a special foot massage. Chloe agrees and puts her head back down into the bed's hole. Ammalia actually starts worshipping Chloe's feet, but Chloe has no clear idea of what's going on exactly and allows it, as it's a very pleasant feeling.
Suddenly she looks back and sees Ammalia actually licking her feet, and protests as that's quite unprofessional. She orders Ammalia to switch back to a normal massage.
Ammalia apologizes and seems to be ok with that, but, once Chloe is back down, she takes a syringe out and injects something into her bum... It leaves no time for Chloe to react, as she falls limp on the bed. Now dirty Ammalia can have undisturbed fun with her feet, and worship them a lot, so she goes on sinking her face on her soles for a while. In the end, Chloe wakes up and catches her in the act, and simply runs away from that weird place.