Laura Smith Mask Panic Faints

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Laura Smith Mask Panic Faints

In this clip: fainting, ragdolling, brunette, eyerolling, smart/business

I and my partner Laura need to go out to sign an important contract. I tell her to put a mask on as it's mandatory from today, but she doesn't want to: it gives her panic and anxiety. She keeps being a brat but I insist and order her to get familiar with it as I go getting dressed.

While I am away Laura tries to put it on, panic, and slowly faints.
When I get back and I find her like that I panic too. I shake her, feel her pulse, but she seems to be completely gone and I don't know what's going on.

After some time she wakes up. Still dizzy, she explains and I understand the mask on her face made her faint. I insist she must wear the mask so she must put it back on.
This time I can witness her reaction, I see her struggle, cross eye eyes and eventually faint again.

I ragdoll her a lot, trying to hurry up as time is running out. My phone rings, it's the solicitor waiting for us for signatures. I try to justify myself but it's going to be difficult, as I'm holding unconscious Laura's head up by the hair and there is no sign of her waking up!