Stephanie Meets The Masked Creep

A clip starring Stephanie

Stephanie in Stephanie Meets The Masked Creep

In this clip: face play, fainting, ragdolling, POV, hands, silly, smothering, mouth, blonde, eyerolling

Stephanie sleeps peacefully in her bed, under the covers.
Out of nowhere, the blanket starts sliding down from her shoulders of its own accord. She's wearing her bra and panties in bed.
In her sleep, she fumbles at the blankets to pull them back up. Shortly after, they get pulled down again.

Annoyed, Stephanie opens her eyes and sees the Masked Creep standing over her. She is about to scream, but the creep clamps his hand over mouth.

Stephanie's eyes go wide in terror. Her breathing is rapid and shallow. Her eyes begin to roll and she faints with a whimper.

The creep didn't want to scare her off, but he accepts his situation, then begins pulling the blankets down.
He exposes Stephanie's body completely and then looks her over from head to toe.