Kayla and the Masked Creep

A clip starring Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise in Kayla and the Masked Creep

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, POV, amateur, nervepinch

Kayla is sitting on the couch putting on shoes. She gets up to leave when a masked creep suddenly grabs her from behind He knocks her out with a choke hold (sleeper hold) and then drags her to the couch.
Kayla is placed in front of it, her back leaning against it to prop her up. The creep sits behind her and plays with her limp head, exposing her neck in the process Kayla starts coming to, but the creep knocks her out again with a nerve pinch. The masked creep suddenly leaves the room for a moment.

In the creep's absence, Kayla comes to and is confused. She sits up on the couch. The creep returns and stands there staring at her menacingly. Kayla sees the creep and faints in terror. Her limp body slumps sideways on the couch, her legs still hanging over the edge.
The creep puts Kayla's legs up on the couch, straightening them in the process.
He strokes them briefly, then lifts her feet up to around his chest height. At this point, he begins the process of removing her shoes.

Kayla remains stretched out on the couch although she is now in her underwear. The creep is nowhere to be seen. Kayla slowly comes to once more and stands up. Confused and frightened, she looks around nervously, then tiptoes away from the couch.
Out of nowhere, the creep reappears and knocks her out with neck chop. Kayla drops to the floor with her face down and her ass in the air. The creep admires her body for a bit and smacks her ass. After a few moments, he grabs her by the ankles and drags her to the bedroom.

Kayla lies spread-eagled on the bed. The creep sits on the bed as well, just behind her. He has a chloroform rag in his hand. As Kayla starts to come around once more, the creep gives her the cloth. She is out like a light. he leaves