Masked Limp Foot Creep

A clip starring Savannah

Savannah in Masked Limp Foot Creep

In this clip: carrying, face play, ragdolling, groping, hands, foot worship, rolling

A masked creep is alone with Savannah's limp body. He picks her up, carrying her to a sofa so he can inspect his fresh, limp prey. He does limp hand drops, caressing her body with his tight leather gloves, rag-dolling and limb playing with the woman. He flings her head back and forth, watching her hair twirl to and fro. He spends lots of time, moving her around the room, feeling her up, massaging her breasts, and worshiping her feet. He drops her limp hands a few times, then carries her to his lap, cradling her as if she were his own. Caressing her soft face, and cheeks, fondling and caressing her. He rag-dolls her a bit on the floor, before he rolls her on her stomach to see her sexy ass.  He worships her sexy soles, toes, and body. He uses her fingers to stroke her own nipples. He plays with her limp body. He picks her up from the hard wood floor, carrying her around swaying her feet off the ground, like it was a dance, her body only responds in limp ways. She is limp in his arms as he controls her movements. He sets her back onto the sofa to molest some more.