Roswell And The Masked Creep

A clip starring Roswell

Roswell in Roswell And The Masked Creep

In this clip: face play, fainting, ragdolling, hands

Roswell the Housewife is going through her cupboards and taking stock.
She is making a LIST of all the spices she needs when she goes shopping next.
The sound of GLASS SHATTERING from the other room makes her jump.


The frightened housewife tentatively goes to the living room to investigate. Roswell looks around the room fearfully. As she nears the couch, a MASKED CREEP with a knife emerges from the shadows. The housewife SCREAMS IN TERROR and then FAINTS with a MOAN. She collapses backwards onto the floor.

The masked creep hangs his head in disappointment, then puts away his knife.
He approaches Roswell slowly, taking in the view from head to toe.
The creep then grabs Roswell's right leg by the ANKLE (straightening her legs, if need be) and lifts her leg until her heel points straight up.

He ragdolls her leg slightly and offers the viewer a good chance at an UPSKIRT view. He then repeats the same thing with her other leg.
After he's done playing with her legs, the creep moves onto Roswell's face.
He does an eye check, then gently tilts her head from side to side by moving her chin. He also uses his thumb to pull at her lip and expose her teeth.

Satisfied for the moment, the creep takes Roswell's right arm and pulls her onto her SIDE. She is positioned in such a way that her back is facing the couch.

He admires her unconscious form in this position from every angle once again.
He lifts up her leg again, although in a slightly different fashion than before.
He sets down her leg and walks away.

Roswell groans as she slowly starts to come to from her position on the floor.
She starts to sit up with her back to the couch but doesn't look directly BEHIND her.
The masked creep is laying on the couch with his head propped up with his hand.
He's been waiting for her to come to.

The creep watches her from over her shoulder. Roswell slowly TURNS HER HEAD and sees the creep. She screams and faints once again, slumping back against the couch.

The creep sits up behind Roswell and plays with her face once again. He gently tilts her head from side to side, showing off her neck from multiple perspectives. He takes out his KNIFE once more and is about to slit her throat when his CELL PHONE suddenly rings: "Hello? I'm actually kind of busy at the moment. Oh really? Sure, we can talk."

The creep stands up and walks towards the kitchen. Roswell groggily comes to a second time.
"How much is the buyer offering? Do we have a counter-offer?"
The housewife shakily stands up from the floor. She sits on the edge of the couch, clearly still in a daze.
"Alright. I'll be back in my office in about 20 minutes. I'll talk to you then. Bye."

The creep comes back into the living room. Roswell looks up at him. He waves.
She faints for the last time and falls back on the couch.