Making Fun of Him

A clip starring Juliette, Tessa

Juliette, Tessa in Making Fun of Him

In this clip: humiliation, foot worship, multigirl, stripping, feet, young, drug

Alex is spying Juliette and Tessa who are sitting on a sofa, joking about his foot fetish; they believe he is a weirdo and keep laughing. He enters the room offering them a strange drink, and they shortly fall asleep; now he has their bodies and soles to have fun with, so he strips them naked and kneels down to worship their four bare feet. Finally, as a revenge, he lays one girl on the other upside-down, and starts making fun of them by doing some foot game with them: sliding toes in mouth, rubbing and slapping the soles on the other girl’s face, and so on…