Lullaby AltSiren and Lavinia

A clip starring AltSiren, Lavinia

AltSiren, Lavinia in Lullaby AltSiren and Lavinia

In this clip: trance, silly, snoring, amateur, stripping

AltSiren is sleeping in her bed, for some reason still dressed in casual jeans and Converse shoes. Lavinia sneaks in and playfully starts to play with her, taking her shoes and socks off, and then starting to pinch and twist her toes one by one, whispering Frere Jacques and other rhymes. Sometimes AltSiren moans and reacts a bit, but she keeps sleeping. She wakes up just once, but she's very dazed and confused and can barely notice what Lavinia is doing, and falls back to sleep as Lavinia keeps singing to her with a delicate voice.