Kasia and the Love Ointment

A clip starring Kasia

Kasia in Kasia and the Love Ointment

In this clip: assault, chloroform, groping, inspection, foot worship, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, genitals, brunette, muscular, provocative

Kasia is sitting on her sofa, reading a magazine, dangling her shoe and you sneak up and cloth her from behind whilst she is sitting down. The scene fades.

The scene reopens with her tied spread eagle to the bed. You tell her that you are a scientist and have developed a way to make women fall in love with men. She tells you to fuck off and you say you are going to try it on her. As she watches, you take your dildo and cover it in a special ointment. She asks what are you doing? You tell her... I have coated this dildo with a special ointment. I am now going to put this inside of you and your vagina will absorb the ointment into you bloodstream. As your body absorbs the ointment it will cause you to experience pleasure until you orgasm... you won't be able to fight it! But after you have orgasmed, the ointment will put you to sleep. When you wake up - you won't remember anything, but you will be in love with the first person you see...

She tells you it's bullshit, fuck off, it'll never work etc but you ignore this and proceed to insert the lubricated dildo into her. Initially she is like no, stop, fuck off, get off... have her moan noises of resistance but then she starts to moan out of pleasure which builds and builds until she orgasms. And then have her drift off to sleep.

Once she is asleep, expose her breasts, strip her naked, worship her feet and finally remove the dildo. The scene fades.

The scene opens with her dressed and sleeping on your sofa Have her wake up and then you walk in and say hello! Have her be all in love, flirty and horny with you. The scene ends.