Macarons Hunt At Fainting Lolita Party

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Macarons Hunt At Fainting Lolita Party

In this clip: assault, fainting, fighting, sniffing, knockout

Alicia and Lauren are sitting together on the couch giggling. They are having a Lolita tea party and are dressed for the occasion. They are also enjoying some macarons; they love them, but at some point Lauren gets mean and puts them into her bag, saying she's keeping the rest of them for herself. As she does so, Alicia discreetly takes off her shoe then holds the inside of it to Lauren's face; Lauren's eyes roll up and she faints back onto the couch from the smell.

Alicia seems somewhat surprised by the reaction; she gives the shoe a puzzled look then sniffs it herself. Her eyes roll up and she faints as well.
The camera pans over the pair of unconscious girls.

Both girls start coming to around the same time. Alicia is immediately aggressive.
She pulls her legs onto the couch, then starts shoving her sock foot into Lauren's face.
Lauren quickly reacts, takes off her shoe, and does the same thing to Alicia.
After a short battle of shoving their feet into each other's faces, both girls faint once more. Another panning shot of the lovely combatants.

This time around, Alicia comes to first. She untangles her legs from Lauren's, then puts her shoes back on. After that, she goes over and takes the macarons from Lauren's bag. Alicia leaves the room and hides the macarons somewhere off-screen.

Lauren comes to and notices Alicia is nowhere to be seen. Lauren checks her bag and discovers that the macarons are missing. Lauren thinks about what to do for a moment; she then takes off her sock and finds a place to hide.

Alicia comes back into the room looking pleased with herself; she gets anbushed by Lauren who holds the sock over her face. Alicia stumbles around a bit as she tries to fight off the smell; she stamps her feet and struggles in vain for a while.
Finally, Alicia's eyes roll up and she faints again.

Lauren slowly lowers her to the ground, placing Alicia on her side. Lauren does a quick eye check on Alicia, then sits down to put her socks and shoes back on.
After she's finished that, she leaves the room to find the macarons.
Our trusty camera pans over Alicia's body on the floor.

Lauren returns, seemingly empty-handed. She leans over Alicia and pats her cheek to bring her around. As Alicia wakes up, she is being intensely asked where the macarons are. Alicia gets back onto her feet and leads Lauren to the bedroom.

Lauren and Alicia stand in front of the bed. Lauren looks around as if trying to spot them. Alicia's back is still facing Lauren. The macarons are nowhere to be seen, but Alicia suddenly turns and sucker punches Lauren. Lauren stands dazed for a moment then collapses onto the bed.

Alicia sits down next to Lauren's unconscious form. With a playful smirk on her lips, she begins to caress Lauren's thighs.
As she leans in to give Lauren a kiss on the lips, she's interrupted by a voice off-screen: "Mind if I cut in?"

Alicia quickly turns her head to see the Masked Creep standing in the doorway.
Alicia gasps, her eyes wide with terror, before she suddenly faints.
The creep steps inside the room and begins pulling Lauren further onto the bed.
Both girls are straightened out on the bed, as if placed perfectly beside each other.
One final panning shot of the lovely ladies laid out on the bed.