Carmel Limp Body Wank

A clip starring Carmel Anderson

Carmel Anderson in Carmel Limp Body Wank

In this clip: oral, cumshot, groping, POV, hands, inspection, masturbation, medical

Carmel's limp body lies on a medical table. A guy enters the room: he approaches the body and starts groping these tits, tights and pussy. He rips the pantyhose open on the crotch area, exposing the genitals. He starts fingering Carmel's pussy, and also uses the body's hands to finger that pussy. he also uses a camera to provide some real closeups of these genitals.
He pulls Carmel's legs up and begins licking that pussy, which are now totally unresponsive... The guy keeps kissing and licking that pussy for a long time. He then takes the pantyhose off, moves the body on its knees, ass up, and starts stroking his cock using Carmel's limp hand, slapping it on her stellar bum, until he cums all over her butt cheeks and her back.