Hannah Epic Limp Trial Footfuck

A clip starring Hannah

Hannah in Hannah Epic Limp Trial Footfuck

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, POV, footjob, hands, foot worship, masturbation, trance, willing, stripping

Hannah is looking forward to an audition for a limp fetish movie and calls in a friend of hers, asking him to help practising over that. She has some chloroform and wants him to put her down and then to play with her body, to see how limp she can be. She trusts him, as he is a dear friend of hers.
So, he gets the rag and puts her down limp; he starts playing with her, having the freedom to take off her shoes, grope her feet, breasts, etc. He is getting horny, but she slowly wakes up: she's really groggy, and wants more chloro, so badly that she ends up chloroforming by herself.
Alone again, he goes on taking advantage of her body, exposing her pussy, groping her, enjoying her limp condition. He pulls his dick out, starts to give himself a footjob using her limp soles. He goes on for some time, until she wakes up again and finds her friend with his dick out, using her own feet to play with, as she lays there spread and naked... She's really groggy, she can barely realize what's going on, but the chloro has made her horny, so she doesn't protest much... She asks for more, so he puts the rag on her face again while he keeps masturbating using her feet... But she doesn't fall limp this time, she just got more horny and starts giving him a handjob, totally dazed and out of reality, her eyes almost rolled backwards.
Finally he puts her back down using the rag, and continues pleasing himself using her limp body...