Limp Stripping Caroline and Anastasia Pt1

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Anastasia Lux

Caroline Pierce, Anastasia Lux in Limp Stripping Caroline and Anastasia Pt1

In this clip: inspection, knockout, amateur, stripping

Anastasia manages to get an interview from the famous supermodel Caroline Pierce; however, pretty soon Caroline gets upset by the inappropriate questions and orders her to leave. Anastasia hesitates, tries to save the situation, but there is no hope. So she pushes Caroline to the floor, knocking her out limp.
At that point, since she cannot get the interview, Anastasia thinks that having nude pictures of the model will grant a scoop anyway; so she decides to strip the limp body and begins doing that, one piece after the other. However, pretty soon she realizes Caroline is wearing an unreasonable amount of clothes. She will have to take 29 pieces off her, moving and rolling the body, before limp Caroline is totally naked and ready for the pics.