Models Rivalry Caroline and Anastasia

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Anastasia Lux

Caroline Pierce, Anastasia Lux in Models Rivalry Caroline and Anastasia

In this clip: chloroform, girl/girl, stripping

Anastasia is a beginner model who has to do a shoot with international model Caroline Pierce. She is very jealous, so she wants to do bad things to her.
The two models meet for knowing each other and start to socialize. Everything sounds so friendly and happy! They will have to do a girl/girl shooting soon, so they decide to start getting some intimacy and getting to know each other. A very gentle  and soft lesbian scene begins, but at some point Anastasia takes a chloro rag and chloroforms Caroline as soon as the turns her back to her!

There is a struggle, but finally Caroline is defeated, rolls her eyes, and she is unconscious... At that point, evil Anastasia starts handling and stripping her body until Caroline is naked except her heels.