Samantha Alexandra Limp Play and Ragdolling

A clip starring Samantha

Samantha in Samantha Alexandra Limp Play and Ragdolling

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, nylons, willing, amateur

Samantha is a doctor's wife. She wants him to buy her new clothes. But, to butter him up before asking, she decides to let him play his favorite game. She's his sleepy patient.

She dresses sexily for him and waits for him to come home. He finds her in the bedroom, laying on the bed as if asleep.

The doctor checks her pulse. He checks her eyes and drops her arms. She is nice and limp. He then proceeds to play with her limp body, rag dolling her. He removes her shoes and inspects her feet. He has fun with her body and then slowly wakes his patient.  

Samantha wakes and asks him if he's had fun. He has. She asks him if he will buy her new clothes. He tells her only if she strips for him. So, she sexily strips her clothes for him, until she is completely naked. How's that she asks. The doctor says, almost good enough. She smiles and says "Full Anesthetic? He says Yes, Full Anesthetic. Samantha lays on the bed in his favorite position and closes her eyes again.

The doctor enjoys the view of his sexy wife......