Epic Limp Sweet Cindy

A clip starring Cindy

Cindy in Epic Limp Sweet Cindy

In this clip: chloroform, face play, POV, hands, amateur, casting

Sweet young Cindy is having a job interview with me and my assistant, but she actually has no idea what this is all about... Soon she finds out, as my assistant takes her from behind and chloroforms her in a struggle. Her eyes roll and she is limp, very limp. OMG, you should ask for Cindy if you're looking for limp clips!
My assistant proceeds checking her limpness, laying her down with head in back and epic neck exposure. He checks her eyes, plays with mouth, face, hands, and finally exposes her feet and does some rough drops. Finally, I ask him to pull her dress down and we have a look at her sweet breasts. We will sell her on the black market, that is what the job was for!