Stephanie's Limp Hands and Feet Epic Play

A clip starring Stephanie

Stephanie in Stephanie's Limp Hands and Feet Epic Play

In this clip: hands, inspection, foot worship, massage, feet, legs, ass, blonde, underwear/bikini

Stephanie's body lies limp on a table, on her tummy. Hands tied behind back with rope.

Step in. Take your time touching her palms and playing with her relaxed fingers. Do not untie wrists yet.

Kneel down at her feet and begin worshiping her soles: long licks from toes to heels as a 'warm up'. Let me see her soles getting wet and shiny.

After a while move back to hands. Untie wrists, inspect and fondle her palms and fingers for a while with some good closeups. Show me how limp these hands are.

Then take a dildo-shaped object. Pour some oil on her palms and begin rubbing and playfully slapping the object on them. Also hold the wrists and drive the limp hands on it, as if they're being used to sensually stroke the object
Make this part last for a while, and keep her palms limp and shiny.