Limp Hand and Body Play on Muscular Girl

A clip starring Kasia

Kasia in Limp Hand and Body Play on Muscular Girl

In this clip: face play, groping, POV, hands, nylons, amateur

Kasia's has had a long couple days and needs some good sleep!

Kasia's boyfriend knows she's in a deep sleeper and has a limp hand fetish sneaks (POV) into the room! She's asleep on her back and in a perfect position for him to play with her hands! He first goes over and does an eye check, rubs her just to make sure she has fallen all the way into a deep sleep! She has and he proceeds to pay special attention to her hands! He lifts them up and watches her hands flop forward and back! He loves to see her fingers/hands be so limp! He eventually changes his focus for a second to she her naked body. He adjusts her clothes enough to expose her boobs and the rest of her body! With a light stroke, softly touches her body along with her feet! He comes back to her hands for a little bit. He leaves the room for a little bit.

He comes back in and notices that she is now laying on her stomach with her hands by her side! He rubs her feet, Lifts her legs slightly to see them fall back to the bed! He plays more with her hands rubbing them, Lift them, moving her fingers to see them limp back in position!  He ends by placing her hands behind her back