Limp Fetish Sister Bendy

A clip starring Bendy

Bendy in Limp Fetish Sister Bendy

In this clip: fainting, POV, foot worship, willing, silly, amateur, family affairs

Bendy is sitting in the living room with her geeky brother. She maliciously looks at him and notices how geeky he is. She makes fun of him all the time pointing out how tight and useless he is. She almost humiliates him, but in a cheeky playful way. Then she brings out the old times, when they were very young and he was better than this; she remembers a game they used to play, and she loved it: basically she played limp and enjoyed being handled and moved around by him. They were so young and innocent, but she knows he used to be aroused by that. Now he's so much of a geek that he forgot that... But when she tells him that she was actually awake when he used to worship her sleepy feet, he blushes and everything comes back up as a cold shower! He can't believe she knows, and he is even more speechless when she seems to remember it as something she enjoyed too!
She puts her feet on his shoulders, rubbing them on his face, also playing limp most of the time despite she's still talkative... From that moment, she basically orders him to strip her feet, ragdoll her as she plays limp, and worship her soles like he secretly used to do many years ago...

This is not a proper sleepy video, it's more playful and it's a great video anyway! And, OMG, Bendy's feet are always the best!