Limp Cop Chloe Toy

A clip starring AltSiren, Chloe Toy

AltSiren, Chloe Toy in Limp Cop Chloe Toy

In this clip: assault, chloroform, dragging, face play, ragdolling, groping, inspection, amateur, stripping

Officer Chloe is standing guard talking on the phone with her superiors, she is about to give the all clear sign when suddenly she is jumped from behind by our villainesses, and she is chloroformed in a struggle. Once she's gone, the villainess whispers in her ear that she is going to love being her new doll.

She shakes the body wildly as if to taunt the limp policewoman’s incapacity to react. She pinches her cheek and then kisses it, she plays with her mouth, she also opens it and checks to see her teeth. She does eye checks on both eyes, tilts the head backwards and forwards and from side to side. Then she plays with her hair in a sexy manner puts her arm around her, gropes one of her breasts and takes a selfie with her.

She continues touching her breasts trough the uniform and then moves to the legs, she
uncrosses them, feels them up to the tip of the heels, squeezes her inner thighs, as she slightly
pulls up her skirt from the front, the she starts "practising kicks" by making the legs go up and down, one by one, and then both at the same time.
She finishes the leg display by opening them wide and getting and open leg upskirt panty shot.
The limp officer’s upper body leans forward as if she were protesting the disrespect

After that she grabs both her legs and drags her out of the couch to the floor. First she’s on her back dragged by the legs. Then she gets flipped over on her stomach with her arms extended upwards and the dragging continues, the camera focusing on her ass until the villainess stops the dragging and decides to grope it for a protracted amount of time, while also bending her legs and removing her shoes.

Once the groping and leg worship is done she places the body on its side and lets the camera have a nice close-up of the ass with pulled up skirt and visible thong while also shaking it a bit.

Back on the couch, she now initiates the stripping; she removes her shirt and bra, caresses her naked breasts and firm butt; She unbuckles her belt and then turns her around and places her front against the couch. She smacks her ass still covered in the short skirt; she decides to pull it up so she can remove her thong followed by the skirt itself which are left dangling on her ankles as she leaves!