Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Stella

A clip starring Stella, Lilith

Stella, Lilith in Limp Foot Fetish Casting - Stella

In this clip: gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, inspection, willing, amateur, casting, stripping

This time we have awesome Stella as the volunteer: this casting video was shot the first time I worked with her, and as usual this is just one take, very amateurish and realistic, where Stella gets willingly put to sleep (this time using a drink) and then her limp body gets stripped, handled and inspected by my assistant Lilith to demonstrate Stella's limp skills while the camera gets great wide shots and closeups of her body. Useless to say that Stella is one of the best, and she is definitely limp. She is inspected from face to feet, just to get a full overview of her stunning body.

The language in this one is a mix of italian and amateurish English