Ruby and Betty Limp Casting Gone Wrong - Pt1

A clip starring Ruby, Betty

Ruby, Betty in Ruby and Betty Limp Casting Gone Wrong - Pt1

In this clip: chloroform, ragdolling, hands, inspection, amateur, casting, stripping

In this clip the acting is very weak, hence the low price

This is a classic Sleepyfeet Limp Casting, but with a hitch. We have Betty, the model attending the audition, and Ruby, my assistant who has care of chloroforming the model and inspecting and ragdolling her while I film POV and direct Ruby.

This first part is all about Betty's limp inspection, performed by the assistant. But, in the end, I stop recording for the audition and approach Ruby with an excuse. I pretend I'm seeing something strange on limp Betty's skin, so she gets distracted and has a closer look. That's when I grab her from behind and chloroform my assistant as well, until she collapses on Betty's limp body in a small bodypile. I leave the scene