Limp Casting Eleonore and Valerie - Pt2

A clip starring Valerie

Valerie in Limp Casting Eleonore and Valerie - Pt2

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, hands, humiliation, inspection, foot worship, silly, amateur, casting, stripping

In this REALLY amateurish video, we have two italian models, Eleonore (the blonde) and Valerie (the brunette). They speak a really bad English, but talking is not so important.
Like the rest of this series, I am behind the camera filming the scene in one go. This time the roles swapped: Eleonore can take her revenge, as Valerie is now the willing victim who agrees to be chloroformed and inspected by the assistant, as the camera films everything.

Even in this case, the chloro scene is very long, with plenty of eye rolling; once she is gone, Eleonore starts to make fun of the limp victim, by doing funny voices and moving Valerie's limp mouth, moving her in many ways, for instance as she was swimming in water. Very hilarious and featuring lots of ragdolling.
Of course Valerie gets stripped to underwear, and at some point one of her nipples comes sneaks out beautifully. And of course there is some foot worship as well.