Flexible Babe Atlanta Moreno's Limp Casting

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 in Flexible Babe Atlanta Moreno's Limp Casting

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, hands, inspection, willing, casting, stripping, feet, neck, legs, ass, breasts, mouth, genitals, brunette, petite, eyerolling, fitness, flexible

My friend Atlanta is showing me some contortions and I am impressed; I can't stop looking at that petite, juicy flexible body and I want to put my hands on it. I have an idea.
She's in need of money; I know there is a limp fetish site recruiting models, and all it takes is to film amateur limp casting video and send it to them for review. I think she would get the part.

She gladly and naively agrees to let me film the casting: she will let me chloroform her and then I will ragdoll her body in front of the camera, showing her limpness and flexibility.
However, after she is gone (after a long willing chloroform scene with some great eye action), my attitude and focus is mostly on stripping her body naked and spreading her wide.

I have actually struggled a lot, as, thanks to Atlanta's high body awareness, she was really LIMP and FLOPPY and her body and limbs kept slipping off my hands!