Limp Fetish Casting - Ammalia and Fayth On Fire

A clip starring Ammalia

Ammalia in Limp Fetish Casting - Ammalia and Fayth On Fire

In this clip: assault, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, injection, inspection, foot worship, girl/girl, rolling, willing, amateur, casting, stripping, bodypile

Here it comes another epic limp fetish casting: two cameras, and four people on the scene!
This time Ammalia is the willing model victim, who agrees to be put to sleep trhough an injection in her neck by my assistant Fayth On Fire. I'm behind the POV camera, and there also is a male trainee on the scene, helping Fayth with the hard work.

Once Ammalia is out, Fayth strips her body to underwear, and can't really stop getting to her feet, to grope, kiss and worship them. In the meantime the trainee does some hand play with limp Ammalia, but mostly discusses with Fayth as she keeps worshipping these soles... Until he goes crazy, tricks Fayth and jumps behind her, chloroforming her. I'm surprised but of course I let him do. Now we have two limp bodies, both the ladies are gone. Fayth is really limp and gone, and we go uncovering her feet as well.

I suggest the trainee to pile the bodies up, in a kind of foot fetish 69. Now the trainee rubs Ammalia's limp feet on Fayth's face and also slides the toes in her mouth - And then he does the same on Ammalia, using Fayth's limp feet, as I continue recording...