Limp Audition Nausica

A clip starring Nausica

Nausica in Limp Audition Nausica

In this clip: chloroform, face play, ragdolling, hands, willing, amateur

Nausica is here for a big limp casting. The last step to be engaged for a big role. She stands up in front of the cast director. He just tells her to try to go as limp as she can, as he will pretend to chloroform her. But, once he starts doing that, she realizes there is real chloro on the rag, so she fights against him.
In front of him at the end of the fight, she falls asleep, head in back dangling in the air, neck exposed. She is really limp. He play with her limp body, limp head and finally put her body on the bed.
He plays with her limp hand, then catches her body to expose her neck again. But she starts to wake up, tries to escape, but she is very groggy, so she gets the chloro again.
The video ends with some limp head play over the edge of the bed, good neck exposure and limpness.