Mature Lolani Limp Audition

A clip starring

 in Mature Lolani Limp Audition

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, hands, nylons, casting

Lolani is a mature woman who really wants to try limp fetish on - She arrives for a big casting. He explains her that she should be very very limp and that will have some focus on her neck. She agrees and falls limp in his hands (she pretends to be limp all the time), her head and arms dangling limp in the air, her neck stretched and exposed as she keeps playing limp.
As the casting man say that she can "wake up", she surprises him remaining limp. He try to hold her but she's still very limp. Finally bring to the couch.

At that point we have limp hand play, with lots of closeups, before he moves to her feet. He takes the shoes off, and then proceeds slowly removing the stockings, finally exposing her bare soles which are stunning, well arched, soft and smooth, with amazing toes. After lots of foot groping and amazing closeups, he tells her that he passed the test and so she wakes up happy.