Sweet Ellie Limp Ass-ault

A clip starring Ellie

Ellie in Sweet Ellie Limp Ass-ault

In this clip: assault, chloroform, cumshot, groping, POV, footjob, masturbation, stripping

Ellie comes in; she sits on couch and calls a friend to make a date to go to club. She mentions  that a weird guy followed her, but he disappeared.  She says being followed turned her on and laughs. She hangs up. The weird guy sneaks up. She is chloroformed in a struggle.

The guy then positions her over the arm of the couch and starts to explore her ass through her clothes, lifting the skirt and pushing the pants to the side. Pussy views from back. He goes to her feet and takes off her shoes, leaving her in socks. He then removes her skirt and then her panties and explores her ass / pussy  from behind.

After a while, he moves onto couch and positions Ellie is sitting position with her behind him. He takes off her top and bra and plays with her tits. She is just in socks. Next, she is positioned over arm of couch, face down, legs open to show ass / pussy. The creep takes off one of her socks and wanks over her bare foot.