Lauren Limp Final Fantasy Aerith Cosplayer

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren Limp Final Fantasy Aerith Cosplayer

In this clip: gas, face play, ragdolling, hands, socks, feet, neck, hair, mouth, brunette, fantasy costume

Lauren stands in the middle of the room wearing her new Aerith cosplay; she inspects every inch of the costume to see how it looks on herself.
She lifts her arms up, one at a time, to check the jacket then looks down at the bodice of the dress and at the long skirt. She then shifts her legs around to look at her boots and to try to get a better view of the back of the skirt.
Finally, she toussles the hair of the wig around slightly and smiles. She is contented, but not for long.
Her nose wrinkles in disgust as she catches a whiff of something foul: "What is that smell?"

She coughs lightly at first. The smell gets stronger and becomes more overpowering as gas fills the room.
Lauren begins coughing harder and tries to cover her mouth with her hand. She reaches for the door in the hopes of getting away but it's somehow locked.
The gas begins to overpower her and she drops to her hands and knees. She crawls in vain towards the window, but she doesn't get far: her eyes roll up in her head as she collapses to the floor, unconscious.

You are standing just outside Lauren's room, POV. You open the door and step inside; you spot Lauren unconscious on the floor and take a moment to admire her.
You then step close to her and shake her shoulder lightly.

She does not respond.
Your eyes travel from her unmoving form, over to the bed.
Fade out.

Lauren is now lying on her back on the bed, her arms at her sides. She hasn't budged since you moved her there.
Which is fine by you.
You take a moment to admire every part of her from every angle you can think of.

Once that's finished, you decide to play with her.
You pick up one of her arms and let her wrist dangle limply. You turn it slightly as if to examine the bangle on her wrist, then drop it back on the bed.
Your attention suddenly shifts to the long tresses of hair dangling against her upper body; you fiddle with one of the tresses, then trace your finger along it, moving upwards.
As you near her collar, you stop and decide to play with her neck bow. You fiddle with the strings for a moment, then gently run your finger along Lauren's neck.
Your finger continues up her neck and to her chin.
You use your thumb and fore finger to gently tilt her head toward you, then back again.
After moving her head slightly, you decide to run your finger along her lips, starting from the top and moving down. Your finger lightly tugs at her lips.
After a brief pause, you decide to perform a quick eye check.

Satisfied with what you see, you decide to remove her boots. Before you do so, however, you decide to play with her feet.
You gently tilt her boots inward (toes toward one another), then back outward again. You do this twice before removing her boots.
You pull each boot off gently, as if somehow savoring the moment.
Once her sock feet are exposed, you do the same thing you were doing earlier. Tilt her feet inward, then back outward. Repeat.
At long last, you decide to remove her socks as well.
You touch her bare feet gently and splay her toes back and forth.