Nikita Vigorous POV Limp Assault

A clip starring Nikita

Nikita in Nikita Vigorous POV Limp Assault

In this clip: assault, ragdolling, groping, POV, faceless/anonymous, humiliation, inspection, amateur, stripping, brunette, petite

This clip is mostly shot through a chest GoPro camera and provides real POV experience. Because of her limits, Nikita's face is never shown and she keeps underwear and hood on all the time; it's a bit odd as the burglar is supposed to search her body in detail, but the overall effect is quite realistic and hot anyway.

A hooded limp body gets dumped on a bed by a criminal; he is visibly nervous, looking for a memory card the girl was supposed to have on herself. He can't find it by frisking the body, so he suddenly rips the blouse open and start taking all the clothes and shoes off (except underwear).
As he does so, he moves, rolls and dumps her body around like a sack of potatoes, looking visibly nervous while little Nikita's limp body can do nothing but flop around helpless.
He keeps moving her, spreading her, rolling her, groping her, smacking that ass soundly, irritated by the fact that it seems like there is no memory card on the body... So he calms down by ragdolling the body even more, as the GoPro records everything in a real POV flavour.
The last bit is focused on crystal closeups of her soles, also showing her luscious legs and round ass in the background.