Limp Model Laura Smith

A clip starring Laura Smith

Laura Smith in Limp Model Laura Smith

In this clip: gas, face play, ragdolling, POV, hands, humiliation, rolling, amateur

Laura is a beautiful model who is known throughout her country! She recently has been doing a lot of swimsuit photoshoots to add to her impressive portfolio! She finds Mick who is a photographer that comes highly recommend!

Laura shows up for her shoot very excited! Mick welcomes her, makes her feel very comfortable and asks if she needs anything to start? Laura asks for something to drink which Mick is happy to get! Mick has a secret... He loves knocking out the models he works with and plays with their bodies! Mick get Laura a drink but he puts a sleepy drug in her drink. He brings her the drink, she accepts and changes into one of her two swimsuits! Once she done, She comes out and is ready to go. Mick starts directing her what poses looks good! During the shoot starts to feel a little sleepy. After several pictures, Mick suggests that Laura change into her next swimsuit. Laura agrees and goes to change and while changing the sleepy feeling grows and she gets a sudden urge to lay down to sleep.

Laura is not coming back, Mick expected that... So he goes to have a look and finds her deeply asleep on the bed. He begins by doing some eye checks and then starts to move her limp hands and feet! Oh man, He's turned on by how limp she is! He enjoys her nude body and makes sure to  pay special attention to every inch of her body, hands and feet!

Lots of great limp play, ragdolling and rolling in this one!