Ellie Being a Lesbian With Montse's Limp Body

A clip starring Ellie, Montse

Ellie, Montse in Ellie Being a Lesbian With Montse's Limp Body

In this clip: groping, inspection, kissing, foot worship, girl/girl, masturbation, nylons, mature, stripping, feet, breasts, genitals, brunette, young

Ellie is obsessed with Montse's limp body and she wants it all for herself! Ellie's approaches Montse by touching her breasts and removing her glasses slowly pushing her towards the bed's end, making her so relaxed that she soon falls asleep.

Ellie goes on removing her heels exposing her stockinged feet as she start blowing some hot kisses on her both feet. 
She began fondling Montse's body by planting various kisses on different spots, removing her pantyhose as Montse's enjoying every second of it! She began worshiping her bare, smooth foot then slowly stripping off her clothes exposing her breasts, pussy until Montse was completely naked.

After exposing her limp body, Ellie starts to undress herself and to inspect Montse's pussy, asshole, tits and nipples while paying some attention to her juicy feet.