Sisters Jodie and Carley Limp Play

A clip starring Carley, Jodie

Carley, Jodie in Sisters Jodie and Carley Limp Play

In this clip: assault, carrying, chloroform, face play, fighting, ragdolling, hands, family affairs

A guy gets in looking for Carley, but finds her sister Jodie instead. Carley is not there at the moment. Unexpectedly he pulls out a rag and chloroforms poor Jodie (long chloro scene) until she goes limp into his strong arms. He holds her up, leaving her head dangling backwards showing an exposed neck and limp face. He then grabs the limp body and cradle carries it for some time.He puts her down on the couch and begins ragdolling her and playing with her hands; after a while she slowly wakes up and, still dazed, she tries to escape. He grabs her back and once again puts her down with his rag, and we have a great eye rolling scene. He repeats the whole process: dangling limp body off his arms, then cradle carrying her, and moving back to the couch. Suddenly Carley comes in and surprises him playing with her sister's limp body. She calls him a weirdo, she is angry at him. He tries to justify himself, but seeing no positive effect he decides to pull the rag out again and chloroforms Carley, who soon collapses on the floor. He grabs her, sits her on the couch and poses the two limp sisters on the couch, ankles crossed, as if they are peacefully having a rest...