Jessica and Freya Chloro Games

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 in Jessica and Freya Chloro Games

In this clip: chloroform, ragdolling, hands, inspection, willing, silly, amateur, mouth, brunette, young, drug

Two crazy girls are sitting in a living room with a poor guy; Jessica teases him offering her and her friend to get chloroformed and enjoyed while they're out. The guy is a bit skeptical about it, but soon it turns out Jessica drugged her own drink, so the guy can do nothing but hold her limp body in front of her friend.
He puts her back to the couch and the two start playing with her limp hands; lots of limp drops here. Then Freya wants to get chloroformed as well, and so she stands up before him and lets him do it. Soon she is dangling limp off his arms, and he puts her back to the couch next to her limp friend, who starts to wake up in the meantime. She demands for chloroform, so she gets its voluntarily, and she is put back on the couch, asleep.
Freya starts to wake up and he gently provides a bit more chloro, so now the two friends lay down out posed on the couch.