Limp Inspection Casting - Emma

A clip starring Emma

Emma in Limp Inspection Casting - Emma

In this clip: face play, ragdolling, hands, foot worship, amateur, casting

Please welcome this new amateurish series which is specifically designed to introduce new models and lets you evaluate their skills for any custom requests you may have! The idea is simple: it is a real casting, with tripods and cameras visible, no editing; the model introduces herself and then willingly pretends to be out, allowing us to handle her body and show it to you, especially the feet. We challenge her to remain limp and floppy, to show you how good she is in playing the part. 

This time we show you Emma, she is a real beauty, she needs to loosen up a bit but this was her first time, so there is a lot of potential. She does not do nudity, so we couldn't take her clothes off, but anyway this video provides a good show of her whole figure, feet, hands and face play.