Enjoying Limp Lauren's Feet and Body

A clip starring Caroline Pierce, Lauren

Caroline Pierce, Lauren in Enjoying Limp Lauren's Feet and Body

In this clip: chloroform, ragdolling, inspection, foot worship, nylons, stripping

Caroline P is a US agent and Lauren is UK agent. They meet on a joint assignment. Caroline says she's agent C from CIA. Lauren says she's agent L from MI6. Caroline P the experienced spy talks about "special relationship" between them. Lauren the inexperienced spy asks what is it. C says she will show her: C takes a rag and chloroforms L. It is a quite long and still scene, but there is some good eye action and flickering. in the end Lauren collases limp on the couch.

C then rag dolls L, slowly stripping her clothes until is naked expect stockings. C then does some foot worship on the out cold L. Lots of foot play, body play, breast shots and good shots of the two. Very good closeups of Caroline licking Lauren's beautiful soles