Limp FOOTage

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 in Limp FOOTage

In this clip: cumshot, groping, footjob, masturbation, amateur

This explosive little pearl has been in our archive for years, at the point that video format and quality become obsolete, far under our current standards... But it's still a pearl, and is offered in a realistic unedited version just like we received it!
A man is masturbating in a studio using a limp model's body, while the cameraman films. Sometimes the cameraman moves, and tells things to the male actor, but the model remains mute and unresponsive all the time, as if the two are filming using a limp body for real. This is a unique and hot point which makes this different video special.
The guy keeps masturbating paying special attention to the model's feet, and finally cums on her soles. Plenty of cuts and angle changes, but the model remains limp all the time.