Limp Inspection Casting - Fiona and Carley

A clip starring Carley, Fiona

Carley, Fiona in Limp Inspection Casting - Fiona and Carley

In this clip: chloroform, face play, hands, inspection, massage, willing, amateur, casting

I'm behind the camera in a room with blonde Fiona and my blonde assistant Carley. Fiona is a model interested in joining us, so she willingly agrees to get put to sleep and let us inspect her body for this limp casting. After an introductory discussion about the procedure, I invite her to lay down on the bed and let Carley putting her to sleep; Fiona is willing, but of course this takes time during which we see her gently trying to break free, while her beautiful legs kick in a gentle way. It takes more than one minute, but finally Fiona is all ours, totally gone. Carley is going to handle her while I stay at the camera. She begins with some face play, which also involves some head raising and dropping; she then performs some body rolling, and then she takes off her high heels shoes, shirt and bra, leaving her feet and breasts exposed. She performs some face play as well, and then moves down to the hands, performing some limp play and limb flopping. Finally she moves down to her feet, and spends a LONG time touching her soles and toes, while Fiona lays both on her back and then on her belly. Her soles are a bit dirty actually. At first Carley rubs and slaps the feet together, letting us know the exciting sound of it. Then she starts massaging the model's sexy feet, at the point that her toes get more relaxed and appear for the first time in all their beauty! She goes on and on, and the video fades out. We then see Fiona waking up later, finding herself tossed like that, partially stripped and topless, and being not happy for that.