Limp Ex Coco

A clip starring Coco

Coco in Limp Ex Coco

In this clip: carrying, face play, ragdolling, groping, hands, faceless/anonymous, knockout, rolling, stripping

Coco's ex has assaulted her and knocked her out. The video opens up showing him already at work playing with her limp ragdoll body, checking her limp wrists and jewelery, sitting her up, rolling her over and starting to undress her layer by layer. He takes his time, always checking her for limp wrists, arms, and body. He takes her top off to the bra, and down her tight jeans just around the thighs exposing her white cotton undies, and perfect ass. He flops her around to get to the bra, checking her for limp. He flops her back and then removes the jeans, leaving the long striped socks and undies. He plays with her pussy and ass, then he flops her some more, with limp hands drops and checking. He removes her panties a bit, opening her pussy to check it out, playing with it a bit to see it one last evening. Her ex then rag-dolls her a bit before he removes the socks. He cradle carries her around the room for a minute, making sure she is limp. He then throws her to the bed, rag-dolling her before he OTS carries her around the room so she hangs down, swaying limp. He returns to the bed and throws her down hard. He then rough handles and rag dolls her whole body around the bed in several positions. He carries her some more around a bit then puts her on the bed checking her limp wrists again and jewelry, checking her face and ass again before he grabs the duffle bag he found in the garage. He needs to hide the body so he tries to stuff her long, slender body into the old army duffel bag. She will not fit, but he is determined. He tries hard to wrestle the body into the duffel bag, and gets most of her in, he has to improvise so he uses the pillowcases to stuff her arms and head in. He scrunches her up and picks her up, but forgets he needs to move the truck first. As he sets her back on the bed, he pulls the duffel off of her perfect ass, just enough to see it again as he leaves. What a hot babe Coco is!