Limp Escort Ivy Rain Pt2

A clip starring Ivy Rain

Ivy Rain in Limp Escort Ivy Rain Pt2

In this clip: groping, inspection, foot worship, medical, willing, stripping, moaning, feet, breasts, genitals, brunette, drug

The next day Ivy turns up again for the proper inspection, and has a sensor/dildo inserted in her pussy, which also releases a sleepy drug which makes her pass out on the medical table, slowly, while she keeps talking how she feels until she can talk no more.

You examine Ivy's entire body. You place her feet together with her soles exposed and her pussy open to the camera.
Lots of feet inspection, groping and worship while she responds with moaning and arousal in her sleep.

You finish by filming her face as she slowly wakes up and mentions how fantastic and aroused she feels. She finishes by asking if you enjoyed her body.