Limp Escort Ivy Rain Pt1

A clip starring Ivy Rain

Ivy Rain in Limp Escort Ivy Rain Pt1

In this clip: groping, hypnosis, inspection, foot worship, nylons, willing, casting, stripping, feet, legs, breasts, genitals, brunette

Ivy meets with a handler for a special escort job. The client has a huge foot fetish and wants a model to enjoy. The handler tells her that he wants to be sure that she has the right feet for the job and will hypnotize her and photograph her naked exposed body and feet. The handler shows her past models that have gotten the job and want the client wants. Ivy is game and is put under, just as the handler photographs her face and exposed breasts, and special attention is paid to her feet. She wakes up and leaves, wondering if she got the job.

The next day after winning the job, she is told what happens next. Ivy will be even more sedated with a special medicated cream covered dildo, which will be inserted into her pussy. For the session, Ivy will be the client’s completely sleepy fuck doll. She agrees to the contract and is brought to the examination table. She removes her panties and the dildo is inserted into her pussy. Just as Ivy becomes delirious and drowsy from the cream dildo, she falls asleep with her pussy completely exposed. She is then stripped completely naked and her body and feet worshiped. The camera films over her sleeping face, body, breasts, soles of feet and the dildo filled pussy.