Lauren Limp Corruption And Socks Sniffing

A clip starring Lauren

Lauren in Lauren Limp Corruption And Socks Sniffing

In this clip: dragging, gas, drunk, face play, injection, inspection, sniffing, trance, socks

Lauren has just come home from work, white converse, black socks, skin tight jeans, blue t-shirt. You give her a drink and she sits crossing her legs.
With every mouthful she gets more and more drunk, sleepier, like she's high on drugs. Until she just collapses in a heap on the floor.

You lie her out, removing her shoes, giving them a good sniff along with sniffing those socked feet. Then her operation begins as you drag her over to the massage table and lie her out. Eyes checked, injection into her neck administered to completely knock her out - Eye rolls, slight moans, falling limp again.

You begin to cast a spell on her so words fall out of her mouth like "sleepy, gone, all yours, I can't move, I'm out of it, do what you want with me...." as you operate on Lauren playing with those limp legs, limp socked feet, and that beautiful head as the words continue to fall out of her mouth.

Then you break the spell where Lauren begins to pass out on the table. You stand back and watch as she her body falls limp.