Lesbian Lovers Drama

A clip starring Ammalia, Ellie

Ammalia, Ellie in Lesbian Lovers Drama

In this clip: oral, chloroform, face play, ragdolling, groping, girl/girl, masturbation, willing, stripping

Ellie and Ammalia are sitting on the couch watching TV. Ellie teases Ammalia offering some sleepy / asphyxia sex play, and Ammalia agrees. They go to bedroom. They lay on the bed together and Ellie produces a rag and puts on the chloroform. She gives it to Ammalia. She says, now chloroform me and my body is yours and smiles. Ammalia takes the rag and gently puts Ellie to sleep. She then undresses Ellie and plays with her. Open legs, pussy fingering, tit playing and so on.

Ellie wakes up naked. They smile. She picks up the rag and chloroforms Ammalia in the same way.  She does the same to Ammalia. Undressing her slowly and playing with her body. Tits, pussy and so on. Kissing / sucking feet.