Lavinia Kidnapped By AltSiren

A clip starring AltSiren, Lavinia

AltSiren, Lavinia in Lavinia Kidnapped By AltSiren

In this clip: assault, bondage, chloroform, groping, inspection, feet, legs, ass, mouth, blonde, brunette, fantasy costume, eyerolling, smart/business

Lavinia is sitting at home reading a book. AltSiren sneaks up behind her, wearing a Catwoman mask and chloroforms Lavinia in an awesome struggle.

Scene fades back in showing Lavinia laying on a bed, unconscious and tied up in bondage. AltSiren calls her boss; she is being told not to touch the hostage and not to take her mask off, as she doesn't have to see her at all. She says it's all right, but actually her mask is off and she's going to partially strip and enjoy the unconscious hostage's body for some time. While doing so, Lavinia comes back to consciousness, sees and recognizes her as "the girl from the gym". AltSiren is in trouble.